Gdstime GDB3010 24V


Product number: RT10100
Product information "Gdstime GDB3010 24V"
Operational Voltage 24V
Rated Current 50mA
Rated Speed 9500 RPM +-10%
Air Flow 1.85cfm (3.14m³/h, 0.052m³/min)
Static Pressure 0.46 inH2O (11.7 mmH2O)
Acoustic Noise 29.2 dB(A)
Bearing Dual Ball
Sunon MF50151VX-B00U-A99
Sunon MF50151VX-B00U-A99, 12V, 9.18m³/h (5.4cfm), 6000 RPM, 42.2dB(A), 170mA, 0.97inH2O (24.64 mm H2O).

Sunon MF40102VX-1Q03C-A99
Operational Voltage 24V Rated Current 80mA Rated Speed 10000 RPM +-10% Air Flow 11.0cfm (18.6m³/h, 0.3m³/min) Static Pressure 0.29 In H2O (7.3 mmH2O) Acoustic Noise 36.8 dB(A)

Orion OD4010-24HB
Orion OD4010-24HB, suitable as StealthBurner Hotend FanEvery fan is tested individually on arrival and padded with some bubble wrap for additional protection during shipping.Technical data:Operational Voltage (nominal)24VRotational Speed8000 RPMAir Flow0.263 m³/min (9.3cfm, 15.8m³/h)Static Pressure0.20 in H2ONoise Level33.4dBCurrent60mA

Delta Electronics
Delta BFB0305HHA-C
Operational Voltage 5V Rated Current 230mA Rated Speed 8500 RPM +-20% Air Flow 1.66cfm (2.82m³/h, 0.047m³/min) Static Pressure 0.37 inH2O (9.4 mmH2O) Acoustic Noise 31.0 dB(A)

Delta Electronics
Delta BFB0524HH
High performance fan by Delta, perfect for use in the Stealthburner.Operational Voltage (nominal)24VRotational Speed6500 RPMAir Flow0,13m³/min ( 4,59 cfm)Static Pressure22mmH2O (0,866 IN H2O)Noise45 dB(A)