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Nevermore Scorch XL 2350ml


Content: 2300 Milliliter (€13.00* / 1000 Milliliter)

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Product number: RT10180
Product information "Nevermore Scorch XL 2350ml"

Overview of Nevermore Scorch

Nevermore Scorch is an advanced air filtration media, designed for the unique demands of 3D printer chambers, especially at elevated temperatures. Traditional carbon filters become less effective above 50°C and are significantly less efficient above 60°C. Nevermore Scorch adds the heat resistance regular carbon lacks, and when mixed into carbon increases the range of VOCs that can be caught, making a carbon/scorch mix the best filtering solution for all filament/resin types.

Innovative Filtration Technology

This product is a zeolite-based, highly microporous adsorption medium, enhanced with potassium permanganate (KMnO4). This combination can not only bind VOCs permanently, but even transform toxins like styrene - a major VOC in ABS filaments - into harmless potassium benzoate (food additive). The process is not harmed by high chamber temps, but accelerated, making Nevermore Scorch ideal for heated 3D printer chambers! Scorch color changes from bright purple to a dullish gray as its slowly being spent, giving a perfect visual indication of when its time to swap filter media!

Optimal Carbon/Scorch Ratios for Temperature Ranges

  • Below 35°C: 90% Carbon / 10% Scorch
  • 40°C ± 5°C: 75% Carbon / 25% Scorch
  • 50°C ± 5°C: 50% Carbon / 50% Scorch
  • 60°C ± 5°C: 25% Carbon / 75% Scorch
  • Above 65°C: 100% Scorch

Compatibility and Printer Safety

Nevermore Scorch is steam-activated and designed to be safe for use in 3D printers, without causing damage printer metal parts. Additionally, the pellets are visually indicative of their usage: bright purple when fresh, turning grey as they react and become spent! This visual cue provides a simple and effective way to monitor the lifespan of your filtration media.

Handling and Safety

While Nevermore Scorch is not inherently harmful or toxic (its safe to touch by hand), it is advisable to handle with care. Avoid contact with eyes or airways, as KMnO4 will react with mucous membranes. The safety of our users is a priority, and while risks are low, they should not be overlooked. Plastic gloves will protect from accidental SCORCH residue being on your fingers when later scratching your eyes, a face/dust mask will protect from inhaling KMnO4 dust when pouring or refilling filters, and protective glasses from accidentally getting SCORCH in your eyes (it hurts!).

Environmental Considerations

The product, when saturated with VOCs, can be disposed of in regular waste systems. However, care should be taken to ensure unspent KMnO4 does not leach into nature – if Scorch is still bright purple, reactive KMnO4 can leech into ground water where it should not be! If your use of the product ends, unspent Scorch needs to be taken care of by waste management authorities, disposed of inside the sealed bag, or neutralized with 3% hydrogen peroxide solution.