Sunon MF40102VX-1Q03C-A99


Product number: RT10059
Product information "Sunon MF40102VX-1Q03C-A99"
Operational Voltage 24V
Rated Current 80mA
Rated Speed 10000 RPM +-10%
Air Flow 11.0cfm (18.6m³/h, 0.3m³/min)
Static Pressure 0.29 In H2O (7.3 mmH2O)
Acoustic Noise 36.8 dB(A)
Orion OD4010-24HB
Orion OD4010-24HB, suitable as StealthBurner Hotend FanEvery fan is tested individually on arrival and padded with some bubble wrap for additional protection during shipping.Technical data:Operational Voltage (nominal)24VRotational Speed8000 RPMAir Flow0.263 m³/min (9.3cfm, 15.8m³/h)Static Pressure0.20 in H2ONoise Level33.4dBCurrent60mA

Screw Kit for Stealthburner Upgrade (Steel Black)
This screw kit contains all screws, nuts and heat stakes needed to build a Stealthburner according to the manual. You continue to use your existing Clockwork or Galileo extruder. Also included are the inserts and screws for the recently added ADXL mount. Important: Because Stealthburner has no BOM yet, we include at least one spare screw or nut. You will have leftovers! The picture doesn't show the current kit contents, we'll update the picture soon! Contents:M3x50 SHCS3M3x25 SHCS5M3x16 SHCS3M3x12 SHCS5M3x6 FHCS3M3 Brass heat stakes - M3x5x4  6Self-tapping Screw 2x103

Sunon MF50151VX-B00U-A99
Sunon MF50151VX-B00U-A99, 12V, 9.18m³/h (5.4cfm), 6000 RPM, 42.2dB(A), 170mA, 0.97inH2O (24.64 mm H2O).

Winsinn 5015 Blower, Dual Ball Bearing, 24V
Winsinn 5015 Blower Fan, suited for the Nevermore.Dual Ball Bearing, 24V, 5500 RPM, 3.23 cfm, 16,28 mmH₂O

Gdstime GDB3010 24V Blower
Operational Voltage 24V Rated Current 50mA Rated Speed 9500 RPM +-10% Air Flow 1.85cfm (3.14m³/h, 0.052m³/min) Static Pressure 0.46 inH2O (11.7 mmH2O) Acoustic Noise 29.2 dB(A) Bearing Dual Ball

Gdstime 5015 Blower GDB5015, Dual Ball Bearing, 24V
Gdstime 5015 Blower Fan, very well suited for the Stealthburner. Model Number GDB5015.Dual Ball Bearing, 24V, 100mA, 6000 RPM, 5.36 cfm, 37dB(a), 1.21 InH2O

Sunon MF30100V1-1000C-A99
Operational Voltage 5V Rated Current 120mA Rated Speed 11000 RPM +-10% Air Flow 5.5cfm (9.3m³/h, 0.15m³/min) Static Pressure 0.20 inH2O (5.1 mmH2O) Acoustic Noise 23.0 dB(A)

Rainbow Barf Logo LED for StealthBurner
The popular Rainbow Barf Logo LED for StealthBurner and possibly many other fun projects! Designed by whoppingpochard and VinnyCordeiro. For instructions and the required STLs visit the Rainbow Barf Github page. Comes with a 100 Ohm resistor for the data line to prevent signal reflections (see our Neopixel info page). The diffusor can be ordered separately.

Delta Electronics
Delta BFB0305HHA-C
Operational Voltage 5V Rated Current 230mA Rated Speed 8500 RPM +-20% Air Flow 1.66cfm (2.82m³/h, 0.047m³/min) Static Pressure 0.37 inH2O (9.4 mmH2O) Acoustic Noise 31.0 dB(A)