V6 Silicone Sock, Black


Product number: RT10119
Product information "V6 Silicone Sock, Black"
V6 Silicone Sock, Blue

Zip Ties 1.8x60mm black, 25 pcs
Length60mmWidth1.8mmMaterialNylon 66

Plastic Scraper with 10 spare blades
This plastic scraper is ideal to remove skirts, small parts and purge lines which you can't otherwise remove by bending your spring steel plate. The plastic blades prevent damaging your smooth PEI sheet.

ECAS04 PTFE Connector
ECAS04 PTFE Connector. Must be assembled by pushing the blue part into the grey part - parallel pliers are the easiest way to do it. Avoid using your fingers ;)

Dragon Silicone Sock, Orange
Original product by Phaetus

Zip Ties 2,5x100mm black, 100 pcs
Length100mmWidth2.5mmMaterialPolyamidTensile Strength80NTemperature Range-40°C - 85°C

Brass Brush
For the Decontaminator Purge Bucket & Nozzle Scrubber project

Fuchs Lagermeister BF2 5g Syringe with blunt needle
Fuchs Lagermeister BF2 in a 5ml syringe with blunt needle. Sufficient for 2-3 full lubrications of a Voron v1.8 or v2.4. Small air bubbles can happen due to the manual filling process - every syringe has a minimum overall weight of about 9g.   Warning! Traces of the product can stick to the outside of the syringe. Please wear gloves when removing the syringe from the packaging and during application! Blunt needle outside diameter 1.2mm. NLGI Grade 2.  

PTFE Push-Fit Collet
Collet Clip for 4mm PTFE tubes